In 1965 our father İsmail Bölük, living in the Baydeğirmeni village of Kayseri, started buying Sun flower seeds from the vicinity of his village and then selling them to the dried nuts and fruits sellers mainly in Kayseri and subsequently in Ankara, İzmir , İstanbul and Eskişehir cities.

In the 1971, he settled in Ankara in order to enlarge his jobs with his sons Yusuf and Muzaffer Bölük and continued his activities in the sun flower job.

In 1980 our father İsmail Bölük has leaved his entire job to his sons.

In 1989 on a 30.000 square meter seized land in Gölbaşı Ankara was bought and on the 1000 square meter area of this land was closed and storage system was enlarged.

In 2003 we opened a storage having 2500 square meter closed area was opened in Argıncık – Kayseri and it was transformed into a Sun flower seed and Pumpkin seed

integrated screening facility in 2004. In 2007 our facilities were modernized and equipped with high tech machinery.
Currently as a family company, it proceeds for becoming a pioneer in its sector on an institutional line confidently with other individuals of the family Salim, Mustafa, İsmail and Halil.

Our Mission
Our aim is rendering better service to our customers all the time by increasing our competition ability and enlarging our company without compromising quality

Our Vision
Show our reliability in the sector by increasing the standards in our sector and pursuing the developing technology.